Thursday, 5 June 2014

Moo Grill - The City

This is beginning to get a little trickier now! Uruguay, Uruguayan culture & food doesn't feel very prevalent in London in 2014. I scoured the Internet to find somewhere that served Uruguayan  grub but I couldn't find anywhere dedicated to the food from the country, in fact I have struggled a bit to find anywhere at all! What my research did tell me though was that Uruguayans don't necessarily go in for breakfast in the same way as some of their neighbours. What I did discover though was something called a chivito. 

A chivito is essentially a steak sandwich and this is apparently the national dish. Most Uruguayans wouldn't bat an eyelid if you ate them for breakfast lunch and dinner! My next challenge then was finding a chivito in London. After some further research it seems that the idea for a chivito originates in neighbouring Argentina and is known there as a lomito, this lead me to the Moo Grill. Moo Grill is a small chain of 4 London steak restaurants; I visited the Cobb street branch which is open from 11am so perfect for a brunch or a late breakfast. It has much more of a relaxed, family owned feel that I had been expecting having looked at their website and they are certainly ready for the World cup with wall charts of fixtures up on the walls already - my kind of place!
Moo Grill has a good selection of lomitos (but let's call them Chivitos) and I chose the traditional steak, ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato. I didn't have to wait long for it to arrive and when it did I was not to be disappointed. The thin minute steak was packed into a ciabatta style bun along with everything else making for a filling start to the day and good value at £6.75. Now, I may be told by those in the know that this lomito can't match up to a Chivito but until we get a Chivtio shop in London I think this is as close as I will get. And for the record, someone should definitely open one it would most likely go down a storm!

The verdict 
Once you have tried a Chivito you will probably want to come back for another and Moo Grill is the place to find them.


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