Thursday, 26 June 2014

Big Mama Food - Various food events

Breakfast fit for a King! That is always what I’m searching for and seemingly that is what was on offer from Big Mama. The recipe for her spicy mutton sausages apparently dates back over 300 years and was served to the Ghanaian Ashanti Royal Family.

Big Mama Food is a family venture and there stall can be found at some of London’s biggest and best food and drink exhibitions. I found them at London foodies festival on Clapham common, serving breakfast/brunch wraps that were perfect for eating outside. 

Let’s talk about the sausages because they are the black stars (get it?) here. They were described as spicy on the menu board and I can confirm that is an accurate description! The really packed a punch of heat but you didn’t lose the bold mutton flavours which made these sausages so different. You will struggle to find mutton in many supermarkets in the UK and it’s strong flavour isn’t for everyone, but it works very well in these sausages. They were also available to buy and take home and would make a great alternative to use in a toad in the hole or as part of bangers and mash.

The verdict
Great sausages, I suggest you try and get hold of some soon!


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