Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Brazilian Gourmet - Fitzrovia

Brazil! The world cup hosts, how could I have waited this long before having some Brazilian brekkie?! Well one reason is that there isn't an abundance of places to find one in London. There are plenty of rodizio grills severing meat on skewers most with all you can eat menus, but they aren't open for breakfast. Brazilian Gourmet in Fitzrovia is a Brazilian cafe serving from morning until evening and on the breakfast menu is something called Brazilian Tropical.

Brazilian Gourmet is tucked away on Cleveland street amongst office building but isn't far from the hustle and bustle of Tottenham Court Road. With Mix and match tables and chairs, graters and colliders hanging from the ceiling as lampshades and the walls covered with brightly colourful artworks the little cafe has a warm, inviting and relaxed feel.

It wasn't long after I ordered that I was presented with my first course, a fresh fruit salad and freshly squeezed orange juice. A medley of banana, kiwi and mango was both a tangy and refreshing way to start the day. The juice was clearly just squeezed from the fruit and tasted delicious. After that was the main event: toast with cheese and ham accompanied by jam and Brazilian cheese spread. The toasted bread was fresh and homemade, but  to be honest the ham and cheese weren’t anything to write home from Rio about (or even central London for that matter!). The requeijao (Brazilian cheese spread) had the consistency of double cream but had a sour flavour which when paired with the jam, worked pretty well.

I had nearly finished my breakfast when the waitress came over with an extra little treat; it’s called a Pão de Queijo (Brazilian cheese bread). A crispy, cheesy bread roll about the size of a fairy cake which when you bite into it reveals it’s secret; it is soft and chewy with a sort of crumpet type texture inside. Served warm straight from the oven it is worth a visit just for these balls of goodness.

The verdict 
Cool little café with Brazilian goodies worth taking a de-tour for.


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