Sunday, 10 November 2013

Trinity Stores - Balham

Trinity Stores - Balham

As you wander into Trinity Stores the bell on the door rings to indict someone is entering.  You order at the counter and collect your own cutlery, but please don’t be fooled; this is a long way away from a greasy spoon cafeteria.  It is a relaxed Sunday morning atmosphere inside, with a rustic, shabby chic feel and it is pretty much full.

'Full English - 2 rashers of bacon, sausage, eggs sourdough toast & vine ripened tomatoes.' This is the description written on the chalk board. £8.

I ordered and took a seat.  My latte arrived promptly, served in a cup and saucer.  It was nicely presented and made with good quality coffee beans.  

It wasn't long before the main event turned up.  I had a few reservations about it at the time of ordering. 1. The lack of baked beans on the fry-up.  2. The sourdough bread.  My problem with sourdough bread is that it can become very dry and brittle when toasted.  However, no such problems here.  I would describe it more like slices of multi-seeded loaf, served with two good quality eggs on top.

The lack of beans, and the tomato sauce that they bring with them was a bit of a problem.  It meant the plate was a bit too dry and as a consequence the fry-up felt a bit disjointed. 

This was a breakfast made from quality ingredients.  The bacon and sausage were both from Wenlock Edge farm in Shropshire.  The cured bacon had a great favour and the sausage was plump and juicy.  The negative though is that apart from the toast, eggs, bacon and sausage, the plate is pretty bare.  2 mushrooms (a bit of a surprise as it wasn't on the menu) and 4 cherry tomatoes just wasn't enough for me.

The verdict
Top quality bacon and sausage means this has the making of a high scoring breakfast.  But the lack of other items on the plate means it fails to deliver that full Sunday morning satisfaction.


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