Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Asparagus - Battersea

The Asparagus - Battersea

After a mid-week trip to the Sambrooks brewery in Battersea, for a tour of the site and beer tasting (I can’t recommend it enough – excellent beer and a great host!)  I found myself at one end of Battersea high street, 5 pints down and with a serious hunger on!  Therefore, this review was not done with the normal clarity of mind, but my taste buds still know a good fry-up when they taste one.

So, into The Asparagus pub I go.  This is a Weatherspoon’s pub, making it probably the only place in the area, still serving a fry up at 9.30 on a Wednesday evening.  To be clear, I ordered the all-day brunch, not to be confused with the traditional breakfast or the large breakfast, which are only served in the morning.  The all-day brunch consists of two fried eggs, two sausages, bacon, beans and chips.

Normally I would be disappointed to find chips on a fry-up, but as this is an all-day meal rather than a breakfast, I think it’s OK.  Unfortunately, the chips were pretty much the only thing on the plate that was edible!  The food was served about 5 minutes after I ordered and was incredibly hot, to the point that I had to let it cool down a bit before attempting to eat.  There is only one way to get food out of the kitchen that quick and that hot – the microwave.  I'm unsure if it was all microwaved, but I'm pretty sure the bacon, beans and sausages were.

The bacon was like cardboard, the eggs were overcooked and the sausages had no flavour what so ever.  Unfortunately, I think this is the worst fry-up I have ever had!

The verdict
Keep your £5.19 in your pocket, or better still go somewhere else for a fry-up!  This is a perfectly good pub (the beer was good) but don’t bother for food.  Cardboard bacon is not nice!


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