Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Introducing LotF

The humble fry-up is not just a British institution, but in my opinion one of the greatest dishes ever invented.  For some it is the only thing that will return them to feeling human again, after a heavy night.  A greasy spoon can form the backdrop to the best part of a weekend.  In short, it is the most important meal of the day and often the most important meal of the week.

So, we have established that I like a bit of bacon and eggs.  But where is a good place to go?  And where should I avoid?  Sometimes I want a hangover cure; sometimes I want a place to hang out with friends; other times I want something a bit special.  I thought Google would have the answer.  And it did, if I lived in the Norfolk area.  The Fry-up inspector is searching for a perfect breakfast in Norwich and the surrounding area.  If you live in the Norwich, I seriously suggest that you check it out.  However, I live in London and whilst there is certainly a lot of choice, there is very little in the way of reviews focusing on the institution that is the fry-up.  If you want a burger, a pizza or a curry there are loads of blogs reviewing these, but not so it seems for the greatest meal of all.  So after a bit of time spent complaining about it, I thought the only thing to do was to step up to the plate (boom boom).

Welcome then, to the site that reviews the best and worst places to get your fried breakfast fix.  I will be uploading a weekly review of a breakfast restaurant, mostly (but not exclusively) in the London area.  So come back soon to check out where to go.


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