Monday, 25 November 2013

Karpo - Kings Cross

Karpo – Kings Cross

Located in a colourfully painted building, opposite Kings Cross station Karpo describes itself as a neighbourhood, all-day, modern brasserie-style-restaurant-type-thing.  It is the all-day part that interests me the most as this means breakfast!

I sat down on a concrete bench and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was heated.  They have an extensive breakfast menu, with the cooked breakfast at the bottom of the page.  And that, along with a flat white coffee is what I ordered.

At £10, it is at the higher end of the fry-up market.  For your money you get: 2 eggs, Cumberland sausage, streaky bacon, portabella mushroom, fried potatoes & toast.
The ingredients were high quality; the sausage was big and plump with a great meaty flavour.  The eggs (I chose poached) where Clarence court which provide a fantastic yellow/orange yolk.  But the star of the plate was probably the fried potatoes.  

As I have mentioned previously, I'm not very comfortable with chips on a fry-up.  Hash browns are acceptable, but this was neither of those things.  5 or 6 thumb sizing, whole potatoes, fried and very lightly spiced had a great flavour and texture.  The two eggs were very well cooked, providing two runny yolks, adding moisture to the plate.  Beans or a tomato, I think would have balanced this out further in my opinion, but it wasn't dry as I had feared.

Also worth a mention is the toast, not for it’s taste, but just its sheer size.  As you can see from the photo, it really must have been an enormous loaf!  That paired with the potatoes made this a really filling breakfast; it kept me going right through until tea time.

The verdict

A filling breakfast with high quality ingredients.  Marked down slightly for the balance of the plate, but overall I thoroughly recommend.


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