Monday, 7 July 2014

Mugi - Ealing (again)

So here is the thing. Bosnia and Croatia are neighbours geographically and whilst there are very many differences between the two countries their ideas on breakfast are broadly similar.

Croatia isn't known for its culinary culture (I have never heard anyone say "I'm going for a Croatian tonight") and that is reflected in London where, as far as I can tell, there are no Croatian restaurants. Having visited Croatia a few years ago the cuisine seems to be very Italian influenced with lots of pasta and gnocchi dishes, although this could well have been pandering to the tourists. It is a nation of hundreds of beautiful islands and so fresh fish is plentiful and that tended to be the best of the local cuisine. However, like I said, for breakfast it is a similar story to Bosnia with the Burek being the traditional start to the day.

Now local experts and patriotic Croatian's and Bosnian's will I'm sure tell you that the countries version of the Burek is the best and subtly different to the other. But I am no such expert, so Mugi seemed the perfect place to sample a Croatian breakfast and I ordered another Burek (I didn’t really but let’s pretend for the sake of my 32 nations 32 breakfasts pledge!).

The verdict
Same as last time!


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