Thursday, 3 July 2014

Gitane - Fitzrovia

To the north of London's shopping district many of media and advertising 'types' ply their trade and that can only mean one thing, cafes and coffee shops, lots of them. Great Titchfield Street typifies this more than most and right across the street from the Riding House Cafe (see my review from February 2014) is Gitane. This Persian/Iranian inspired cafe is modern, neat and tidy. People sit here on their apple macs supping their ‘skinny caps’, half pretending to look like they are doing something useful.

I ordered a flat white and sat down to decide what breakfast might be. It was at this point it became clear this was a cafe aimed in the main at the local clientele with Persian touches rather than the other way around. I can't blame the owners for that and so far the flat white has been delicious so what am I complaining about? I plumped for the yoghurt with granola and berry compote topped with crushed Iranian pistachios. I'm not sure how many people in Tehran will be tucking into that this morning, but I have to say it was great.

A generous portion of thick and creamy yoghurt with a blueberry and raspberry compote which was really delicious and refreshing. The granola added a sweet crunch but the best bit was the Iranian bit: the fresh pistachios. I’m pretty sure I have never had ‘raw’ pistachios before; they were softer and sweeter than the roasted salted kind I am used to. The bright green pieces added an exotic twist to the dish.

This was probably the healthiest breakfast I have had as part of my World Cup challenge and whilst I didn’t come away stuffed to the point of popping, it did set me up for the day nicely. I came away feeling fresh and ready to face the day!

The verdict
A nice hideaway from busy Oxford street with great coffee. Worth a visit for the pistachios alone!


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