Sunday, 30 March 2014

Jamie’s Italian – Gatwick Airport

Jamie’s Italian – Gatwick Airport

I'm jetting off to warmer climes for a few days, but took the opportunity to road test another of the UK fast growing chain restaurants - Jamie's Italian. I thought it might be a bit unfair to judge the whole chain on its airport offering, but having looked at the website, this is the only branch that actually offers breakfast.

The full Monty is £9.75 and for that you get a very healthy portion of 2 sausages, sweetcure bacon, two eggs (any style), black pudding, tomato, beans, mushroom, fried potato and onion. Having got up early to get the airport that sounded like just the ticket!

The presentation of the food in a symmetrical pattern was obviously very considered, even if it was a little unnecessary. The bacon and sausages were well cooked and good quality, without being award winning. My poached eggs were perfectly cooked, the golden yolks spilling all over the plate. 

On the other hand, the potato and onion combo seemed a bit out of place and unnecessary.  The mushrooms lacked flavour, perhaps portobello rather than chestnut would have given it a bit more oomph.  

Another thing to note was the "King" brown sauce (a Jme product) was sweet and tangy, due the inclusion of black treacle in the ingredients.

The coffee was good, if a little overpriced, it was a shame it didn't arrive until I was have way through my fry up.

Must dash, I'm off to Lisbon. If I find a decent fry up over there of course I will let you know!

The verdict
A sizeable fry up, with all the vital ingredients, recommended if you are off on hols. Maybe they should expand the menu in all locations....

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