Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Candy full English breakfast

The Candy Full English breakfast

A Fry-up with a difference!  As well as an appetite for a traditional English breakfast, I also I also have a really sweet tooth.  So when I opened up my Christmas presents and found this inside I was excited (Thanks Rosie!).

I have only seen this available on on-line, but it makes a fantastic gift for a fry-up enthusiast.  As well as the more obvious inclusions such the old school favourite fried eggs and jelly beans, there are some more unusual sweets on this fry-up, like the chocolate covered banana flavoured soft chews.  You also get fizzy rainbow bacon rashers, fruity mushrooms, marshmallow tomatoes, milk bottles and Chocolate jazzles black pudding.

I think the black pudding was my favourite, whoever has put these together has a great imagination and when on the plate, it looks (pretty much) like the real thing!

The verdict

A brilliant gift for anyone who loves a fry-up!


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